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Drop Shipping 101: Adding Products

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Drop Shipping 101: Adding Products

Adding our watches to your web store or sales channel for drop shipping has never been easier. With this guide you'll learn how to gain access to our product feed, automate inventory sync and list our products.

Option 1: CSV Product Feed

CSV Product Feed

There are a few ways through which you can add our products to your website. The first way is by requesting access to our automated product feed.

You can submit an inquiry to gain access through this form here.

Our product feed contains everything from the stock status to UPC codes to descriptions and image links. The file is updated every morning at 9AM PST to show the latest stock status. You can use this file to keep your stock levels up to date and make sure you aren't listing any out of stock products. The file comes in a CSV format and should be reconfigurable to match whatever e-commerce platform you are selling on.

Option 2: Inventory Source

Inventory Source

The second option we offer to populate your website with products is a direct integration through Inventory Source. We wanted a way for our drop shippers to be able to set it and forget it so they don't have to constantly update their store any time something changes. With Inventory Source, anytime we get an order their stock is instantaneously updated so that your numbers are accurate minute to minute. 

Inventory Source crawls our website every time we add new products as well, making them easily re-listable by our drop shippers so they may save time when adding products to their own websites and sales channels.

Inventory Source is a paid option, their plans start at $50/month for Inventory Automation and Auto-Product Uploads. They have a wide network of US-based distributors and have other products that can compliment our watches! 

Option 3: Spocket

Finally, our watches are also available via an API-based integration through Spocket for US Drop Shippers! Like inventory source this one is more of a set it and forget it option. You can list our products to your website instantaneously. Spocket has the recommended retail prices set up as well so you can easily list without too much thought.

Through Spocket we offer special services to make your life more automated. All of the products include shipping costs in the price so you won't have to deal with making your own shipping labels or packing lists.

Like Inventory Source, Spocket is also a paid option albeit a less expensive one with plans starting at $12/month. They have a free plan that allows Shopify users to browse their thousands of products before committing to a subscription!

We're always looking for new ways to make it easier for our drop shippers to maintain their websites with up to date product info and stock. We will continue to add additional methods as we find better ways to automate this process.

For submitting drop shipping orders, see this article.